Collect the girls for bonuses, You can use a cannon attack, mace attack and you can jump and run. The main objective of chrismas cat is to jump from rooftop to rooftop dropping presents down chimneys. You must deliver 80% of your total presents to pass. Getting hit will cost you presents, as well as health. Dont run out of time !

directions:Use the arrow keys to move your cat, control to use your cat cannon attack, and use the space bar to do a mace attack

Castle Cat 2 Over View

The castle cat is a silly little cannon carrying cat who is stuck in miami with all the riches. This game is actually called the miami invastion and part of the game you are running around the docks in a Miami beach town trying to get to be the king of your castle. Just like in castle games there is always a need to find your way back to the castle for your cat.

This cat game actually provides some really fun and entertaining game play and has some nifty little graphics. We found this 2d scroller style game to be a whole lot of fun for our staff to enjoy while reviewing it. You will be forced to overcome various obstacles during your cat adventure. You will have to collect pretty ladies for bonus points, collect cat coins for regular points and avoid all kinds of obstacles like moving cars and other enemies who are trying to stop you from reaching your goal.


Cat Castle Games Instructions
You can see from the image above the controls for this cat game are quite simple. You use the keyboard to control the kitty as you pass through the Miami streets. Use the arrows to move, space and control to use your cat weapons.

Screen Shots

Nice introduction graphics for this cat game
Castle cat 2 has some nice little graphics and some care was taken creating this particular free cat game.

The adventures of the castle cat
As you go through your rich peoples world you will need to collect coinds and pretty ladies while avoiding monsters and obstacles with your cat.

Here you can see a car trying to run over your kitty
Cats do not like to be run over by cars ! Stay away from moving cars and other obstacles in this free game.

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