When testing this game I was not very good at knocking the cats down. This is not one of my personal favorite cat games on the website.

directions:Use the space bar to choose your proper power and direction to knock down the kitties in the cat games bowling.

Cat Bowling Over View

What goes better together than cats and bowling. Bowling games are sometimes the most addicting games you will ever play, who doesn't like to strike a few pins down the alley, especially when they are cats.

The object is to squash as many cats as possible. You've only got 10 frames, no more, no less so make 'em count! For an extra laugh, forward to competitors and watch their productivity drop dead !

Use the space bar to wbowl, aiming with the ghostly arrows at the cats. But beware! the arrows speed changes with each throw so the cat positions might be harder to bowl than you think.

Game Images

the cat bowling witch is watching you play your game
The Witch will watch you bowl the cats in this game

cat bowling free games and the lane of bowling
Here you can see the cats are being bowled, free bowling cat game

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