I don't think I would ever want to open a cat care salon after playing this game. This is one of the girlier cat games we have posted on this website. We hope you enjoy taking care of all the cats in cat care.

directions:Care the cat well and earn maxmum score. Click with your mouse to take the cat from the cage, put the cat in the cage and give them what they ask for. Care each cat within seconds otherwise you will lose your life.

Cat Care Over View

Care the cat well and earn maximum score. Click with your mouse to take care the cat from the cage. Put the cat in the cage and give them what they ask for . If you care for your cat within seconds you will get good points otherwise you will start to lose some of your cat game life.

These cats just want some care, you need to love them as you would a cat in real life. The game is a girls game and is made with mostly pink colors due to the fact its a game for girls. Most little girls love cats and this game can help them learn to take care of cats and how much attention cats really need in real life.


When you see a cat in need you should rush over to help them by using the mouse to click on the actual kitty. Once you rush over and help the cat you will be rewarded with points but then you will need to take the cat to a more comfortable seat. You do this by selecting the seats on the right of the game and clicking with your mouse to put the cat down. This will earn you more cat points and love from your cats!

Screen Shots

In the came of cat care you need to care for your cats
Quite the fancy cats need some quick care in this game.

Put your cat in a comfortable place in this game
Once you have cared for your cat you will need to put them into a safe place. The cats love to sit on the comfortable couches.

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