If you cannot balance all of the items (And cats) then you cannot proced to the next level

directions:Use the mouse to drag the cats down to the platform, or other objects and try to balance them all.

Cat Cat Watermelon Review

Cat Cat watermelon has a plethora of amazing levels to choose from when you start the game. This free game actually has a good deal of effort put into the game play and we found it to be hugely entertaining and a fun interpretation of a cat game. In this one you need to take your crazy little cat and balance it on a platform almsot like you are putting a little maze together. In maze games you often need to find your way out of a tough jam and use your head to figure out the correct path.

We found this cat game to be mildly challenging especially on the higher levels. As you progress through the levels more and more cats are pulled out of the starting spot and then you get the cat overboard message much more often. Just like when looking at pics of funny cats you just get a little giggle and a laugh out of the cats falling over the side.

You are able to restart the levels any time you get stuck if you need to. This is beneficial when you are playing one of the tougher cat levels.

How to play

To complete each cat level you will need to stack all of the items that appear at the top of the screen. You can click and drag each item to move it around. Only the most recent item will be moved. You press teh A and S keys to rotate the pieces.

Screen Shots

Cat Cat Watermelon the game
Here you can see a couple of cats stacked up waiting on a watermelon. You need to stack all of your cats until there are none left to advance to the next level.

Here is finally a watermelon on this cat level
You can see that they give you cats and they give you watermelons. You need to find the perfect balance between them to succeed in this free game.

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