Dogs and cats dont always get along, here is your chance to take the side of the dog and help eliminate the cat from the beach.

directions:Click on the various power ups and use them to launch over at the cat.

Cats and Dogs Over View

Cats and dogs is a 1 or 2 player little animal related cat and dog game. You cant really go wrong with cats and dogs and this game is very cute. When you first start the game you can choose weather you want to play one or 2 players and then you can either be the dog or the cat in this game. This is a little beach war where the cat is on the left and the dog is on the right.

You can choose from different gaming levels so that if you are a new cat without much experience you can play at a beginner level.

Game Images

cats and dogs beach war

As you can see the cat and dog are on the beach in this game having a little fight.

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