Very girly cat games are also possible to find on this site. This is a prime example: Catie the cat is as girl a cat game as you can find on the web.

directions:Click on the various options to change what catie looks like and then you can print out your final cat.

Catie the cat Over View

This is a fabulous little cat dress up game called catie the cat. Your job in this simple free game is to make catie look as pretty as possible. This is a basic game with lots of pink and cute little girls stuff mostly made for girls who love cats. You can choose from a variety of makeup and different costumes for Catie the cat and you can make her look hilarious or you can make her look very pretty. This cat game is very basic and not really made for an advanced gamer but sometimes you need to make games for younger kids too.

To dress Catie the cat up you simply click on the Items either on the left or the right and they will automatically be dressed onto Catie the cat.

Game Images

Dress up catie the cat in this game
you can see all the cool things you can dress catie the cat up in , this free game is mostly for little girls to play.

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