Christmas wouldnt be the same without christmas cat.

directions:Christmas Cat Controls: arrow keys are for movement and jumping, F while on the chinney will help you drop presents. Press D to jetpack.

Christmas Cat Walkthrough

You are a wonderful chrismtas cat on a mission to deliver presents. This game is full of wonderful cat animtions and other animals as you pass through the various levels. Just like in other animal games the cat encounters lots of other animals on his adventure. Crows will wait for you on tops of chimneys and you have ot jump on their heads with your cat. Watch out for scrooge cats you need to tackle them off the roof so you can deliver your presents.

The objective of the christmas cat is to jump from rooftop to rooftop dropping presents down chimneys, You must deliver 80% of your total kitty presents to pass. Getting hit will cost you presents as well as some of your health. Don't run out of time and don't die. It is not always true that cats have 9 lives even when its in free flash games.

Every enemy you defeat drops money, when you have enough money you can purchase upgrades from santas workshop! You enter the shop every time you ass a level to keep christmas cat in the top shape!

How to Play

The controls are quite simple for christmas cat. Arrow keys will move the cat and allow him to jump. You press the space bar to jump and tackle. F will drop presents when you are on a chimney and D is a cat jetpack.

Instructions for Christmas Cat
here are the buttons for how to control your cat on this game.

Screen Shots

Help Christmas cat deliver the presents free game

Its a rough world out there and christmas cat is determined to deliver all the presents in this game.

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