Do not let the cats get away with all of the fish!

directions:Just use your mouse and click on the cats that have fish in their mouths.

Fish Cat Review

The fish cat game is a game written in Japanese. The japanese love cats and make some of the best television shows and video games about cats that we get around here. The game starts off with a really cool and funny splash screen that shows off how much energy was put into the creation of this fantastic free cat game.

You will see that there is a nicely animated blue cat kicking the screen like a little ninja. This also shows that the artists who made this cat game had a nice little sense of humor and were trying to be entertaining when creating this game.

The cats are in your fish store and they are stealing your fish, you need to put a stop to this.


When you see the crazy cats jump up from the fish, you need to click on them to catch them red handed. When you click on a cat you will defeat him and then you will gain points. This game is very easy to play and you use the mouse to click on the various cats in this game.

Screen Shots

Here is your fish store which gets invated by cats
Here is a shot of your beautiful fish store before the cats show up and start to ruin everything.

Here is the cat in the fish store
here is a picture of a cat eating some of your precious fish. You need to put a stop to all the fish eating by the cats in this game, that is your main goal.

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