Choose from your wide array of Devices to help trap Jerry and catch him in the act.

directions:PLace various traps around the different layouts and see if you can trap jerry.

Toms Trap o Matic Walkthrough

Another mouse and cat game from Tom and Jerry the worlds favorite cat and mouse cartoon duo. The Tom and Jerry cartoons were so super popular that so many great games have been coming out about them over the years. This is another well made free game with some nice cute graphics representing Tom and Jerry very well. These are always some of the most popular game we post and we hope you enjoy playing htis one as much as us.

This game is sort of like a puzzle game where you need to figure out how to trap Tom using different variations of traps and puzzle moves. The trap omatic starts with a mouse trap and you need to build several devices to get you in play to hit Tom with your end trap. The puzzle is up to you how you complete it and this game can get very elaborate while you search for a solution.

Dont forget that Tom is the cat and Jerry is the mouse. In this cat game you have several devices at your exposal and you can launch a variety of types of trapes to help you win!

Screen Shots

Tom and Jerrys trapomatic
Help the cat (Tom) catch Jerry so he isn't so mad in the future.

Trap O Matic Kitchen Scene
Here is the trap o matci kitchen scene. Make sure you help Tom catch Jerry without waking up the dog.

trap o matic living room scene
Here you can see the living room scene, the cat is so mad here.

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